QES Sixth Form 

About Clubs & Societies

We offer many different subjects and a diverse array of extra curricular activities; whether it be Duke of Edinburgh or Sixth Form Choir, Amnesty International or Charity Team, Sporting activities or UCAS express, there is certainly plenty to keep you energised and challenged. Here is a list of the typical example of activities we run but if you see something missing – join us and start leading the activity!

  • Student Leadership

  • Amnesty International

  • Debate Society

  • Charity Team

  • Sixth Form Leadership Team

  • Sixth Form Magazine

  • Creative Writing Club

  • Duke of Edinburgh

  • Arts Awards

  • Reading Plus

  • Numeracy Plus

  • Year 7 Support

  • Baking Club

  • Computing Club

  • Equality and Diversity Group

  • Games Club




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