QES Special News 2017-18

Please vote for Josie!

We're delighted to say Josie Conroy has been nominated for a National Diversity Award, reflecting the amazing work she's done in schools such as QES with her PD sessions on hate crime.

Josie has delivered several sessions here on hate crime using her own manga comic book, getting lots of really positive feedback from pupils and staff.

So we'd really like everyone to take 2 minutes to click the button below and vote for Josie on the NDA website!

To vote for Josie, click here!

The organisers say voters need to say why you are voting for Josie - so it would be great if you could enter even a sentence or two before voting/nominations close on 1 June.

In her biog, Josie herself talks about her motivation for her work. "I can help educate teachers, support workers and parents or guardians as to how to understand the ways Autistic people think, act and feel," she says.

For a sample of Josie's Hate Crime Manga, click here (PDF).

Last modified: Wednesday, 4 April 2018, 12:49 PM