QES Special News 2017-18

Big thanks from South Africa!

Following our summer trip to South Africa, we'd like to say a huge thankyou to everyone who donated gifts for our visit to Thuthukani Special School, especially Monkhouse,our school uniform suppliers.

Together with Monkhouse and their suppliers, our staff and students also provided a huge amount of new clothing, stationery and sporting equipment for Thuthukani Special School in Empangeni.

The school's principal was very pleased to receive the donations from Mr Hooper and our students.

The donations included over 60 blouses and shirts plus over 60 skirts and trousers, with over 200 pairs of socks, pens, paper, stickers and footballs.

QES students and staff really enjoyed spending the morning visiting classes and meeting the staff and children in this growing school that receives very little direct funding.

Thuthukani School


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