Primary Education - Lucy's Story

By Lucy Denney

I cannot believe I have been at QES for almost seven years now…. it certainly does not feel like it, and despite looking forward to next year and what that may bring, I will miss QES and all the amazing memories, friendships and opportunities I have been given here.

Next year, I hope to go on to study a 'Primary Education Degree with QTS' to train as a Primary School Teacher. I decided on this career path because all through secondary school I had many opportunities to do work experience with primary aged children, which I found very rewarding and enjoyable.

I completed my UCAS application, this was difficult at first because I had no idea where I wanted to go, but with advice and plenty of research, I applied to five universities and received interviews and offers from all five of them.

I applied to York St John, Edge Hill, Chester, Bath Spa and Cumbria. Due to the similarities between the courses, deciding on which university to choose was the most challenging part. I must have changed my mind a hundred times about where I wanted to because each had positives and negatives.

After weeks of deciding, I went with my gut instinct and chose York St John as my firm choice because I loved the location and Edge Hill as my insurance.

I had many options about what I wanted to do after leaving QES, but university seemed like the best option for me, new experiences the responsibilities, and the independence of living away from home whilst being under the protected umbrella of a University.

GCSE to A-level was certainly a step up, but by selecting the right subjects I have found Sixth Form a very enjoyable and exciting experience, that has improved my confidence and broadened my interests.

QES has given me wonderful opportunities such as going to Italy, performing in plays and volunteering in primary schools. Of course it’s not without its struggles but luckily I always had friends, family and teachers to talk to, who could support me when I needed it. I studied Textiles, Health and Social Care and English Language at A2 and Drama at AS.

My advice is do what you love and Sixth Form will be a fantastic experience!



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