Accountancy Apprenticeship - Danielle's Story

By Danielle Harrison

After doing lots of research into what I think would be the right career choice for me, taking into consideration my passion for maths, accounting intrigued me.

I decided to take work experience at a small chartered accountancy firm in Lancaster over the summer of 2015. I really enjoyed it, and so decided to deepen my experience at other firms.

I took further experience at another firm, but this time not an accountancy firm, just in the accounts and finance sector of the business. I enjoyed this, but decided I preferred the variety that comes with different clients, and I wanted to further my experience even more at another chartered accountancy firm.

I applied and achieved a place on the KPMG Discovery Programme in Preston, which was 2 days gaining an insight into accounting and learning about their business in general. Additionally, I took experience at Scott and Wilkinson in Lancaster, and was offered a summer job there throughout August 2016.

I really enjoyed this, and so decided an apprenticeship would be the best way for me to go down this path.

I have never really planned on going to university since starting Sixth Form, but speaking to qualified people in this sector, I discovered that an apprenticeship in this area would be the best route for me to take.

I first applied in December 2016 at Moore and Smalley, Lancaster, after seeing an accounts trainee vacancy. I spent a lot of time preparing my CV and cover letter. I also applied to EY, one of the Big 4 Accountancy Firms. However, from my interview at Moore and Smalley, my heart was set on it!

As soon as I entered the building I felt welcomed and comfortable; I knew this is where I wanted to work. I was very happy when I received an email confirming I have been offered a second interview. I also had a telephone interview at EY after completing various online skills tests.

When I received the phone call just over a week after my second interview from Moore and Smalley, I was excited but nervous.

Expecting it to be a negative response, I prepared myself. However, I was ecstatic to hear I had been offered the job!

I think I was successful in being offered the first job I applied to because of all the work experience I had taken, showing I am committed to becoming an accountant; this coupled with the good AS grades which I put a lot of work into to achieve.

The biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone thinking of applying to apprenticeships is to obtain as much work experience as possible - it definitely pays off!



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