Primary Ed - Ollie's Story

By Ollie Stretton

It almost seems surreal that I am beginning to talk about leaving sixth form and potentially going to university, as my mum says it only feels like yesterday it was my first day at primary school.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what QES has provided me with; a once in a lifetime trip to Malawi, the opportunity to study three subjects I thoroughly enjoy, and most importantly the chance to build new friendships which I hope will last for a life time.

The step from GCSE to A-level felt like a smooth process for me as I have been at QES since year 7. I decided to take English language, Media studies, Health and Social Care and Modern history.

After gaining four A-levels which filled me with shock but excitement, I decided to drop Modern history. Which has left me with the three subjects that I will finish my QES journey with.

After months of deliberation I have been able to narrow my firm University choice down to Edge Hill, and my insurance which is Chester University. The course which I have gained a place on is a three-year Primary Education degree which would lead to qualified teacher status.

UCAS might seem like a daunting process but with the help I received I was also able to gain offers from Nottingham Trent and Manchester Metropolitan. I am currently planning to book an applicant day at Edge Hill and Chester, to give me a taste of what my potential course is like.

The independence which comes with University Is one which I am thoroughly looking forward to. I also hope to have the opportunity to try new sports such as American football.

It will be difficult to leave behind such a memorable two years of my life. Especially the way in which sixth form has enabled me to mature and boost my confidence. I feel incredibly proud that I will be able to leave sixth form having had the opportunity to be an Assistant head boy.

One piece of advice I would like to give is make the most of every opportunity, things like sixth form do only come around once in life.



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