Photojournalism - Rebekah's Story

By Rebekah Middleton

I find it quite crazy to think that I have applied to university as this time last year I could never have imagined me doing so!

Throughout Year 12 I was so undecided about whether or not I would go to university, I mainly swayed towards not going, just because I had no idea about what I would study.

However, I can tell you now that I have applied to three universities to study Photojournalism, receiving an offer from each of them and I could not be more delighted!

Two of my offers from the University of South Wales and Staffordshire University involved having an interview. Before I attended these interviews I had to build up a portfolio of a mixture of my work in the field of photography, in and outside of the classroom, which turned out to be very rewarding when the interviewers told me how much they loved my photographs and how I have a real talent for the subject.

I plan to be at Leeds Beckett University in September pursuing both my love of photography and writing, where I will be able to tell stories to others and make them aware of the world’s issues.

Ultimately, I hope for this course to lead me onto my dream career of being a music photographer, where I can travel the world following bands and promoting them and their shows.

With the support and guidance of this course at Leeds Beckett, as well as my own hard work and perseverance, I will make this my reality and I could not be more excited.



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