Gap Year in Kenya - Ben's Story

By Ben Morgan

At the very the start of Sixth Form in September 2015, I decided that I wanted to take a Gap Year as I knew that ahead of me would be two years of deliberation, frustration and a distinct lack of a clear direction concerning the life that I wanted to take!

This was not necessarily a bad thing as it allowed exploration into many different courses varying from Musical Composition to American Studies. Having this approach to University forced me to branch out which was fortunate as I have now applied to five Universities which I have grown to love through open days and personal visits and I have applied to study either History, International Relations or American Studies. So, at the moment, my horizons are quite broad.

But I will not be moving directly from QES to university; instead I am taking a year out and travelling to Kenya. I came across my job in Kenya purely by chance as I was browsing the Lonely Planet website. I came across a link to a remarkable charity called Restart Africa.

After an evening of trawling their website I applied for 3 months of volunteer work in their charity in GilGil, to which they replied mere hours later to confirm that they would be more than happy to have me join their team in September 2017 and asked me to interview over Skype.

This was such a thrilling moment for me as I was making a colossal decision about my life by myself and through my own independent research. This was a vital message to myself as the best opportunities in my life seem to have manifested themselves through my own research, as is evident through my Uni choices and Gap Year plans.

It doesn't hurt to be proactive and, despite the slightly daunting prospect of leaving home, I am electrified by the thought of making my own adventures and taking the risks.

A Gap Year isn't for everyone, but I know that I will come back a stronger and more independent person and the potential of having an entirely examless year doesn't seem like too much of a hardship. I have no clue where my feet will take me come January 2018, but I will jump at every opportunity I get. This philosophy is something that I hope everyone will apply to their lives as they leave adolescence behind and enter the wider world.



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