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From Florida to Manchester - Angus' Story

By Angus Verhagen

After a lengthy and tiring recruitment process, I was offered a place at The University of Tampa; a Florida school with a Division 2 NCAA Football programme.

I would be studying International Business & Economics while competing for their high-standard football team, which is about as serious as being a professional sportsperson.

Fairly early on in my experience I realised that I was at a stage in my life where I was quite certain that playing football so seriously wasn't as high on my agenda as I once thought.

Instead I started to think of whether the compromise to play at that level and getting a slightly lower quality education was worth it.

For me, it wasn't.

Despite being an incredible experience that I encourage any young talented sportsperson to pursue, you have to be sure that you're cut out for being almost a professional, but then also having to work hard to earn a degree at the same time.

When I had decided that I would transfer universities, I made the decision to finish out the academic year in Tampa before coming home to show that the year abroad had really been worth it.

I had realised that I wanted to be in a city more than anything, at a university that offered a similar sort of course to the one I had been doing in Florida.

As a result, I now study International Business, Finance and Economics at the University of Manchester.

I still may have no idea what I want to when I graduate - but I know I've made the right decision for my academic and social life.



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