Our Environment

By Cathy O'Neill, Deputy Head Teacher

Whilst our Sixth Form is very much part of QES, we are lucky enough to enjoy areas for the sole use of Sixth Form Students.

Our Sixth Form Café is particularly popular, as is the Meadow Room, where you can socialise or get on with important group study, and our Sixth Form Library. This Library is a silent student space, well stocked and taken care of by our excellent librarians.

Sporting facilities, specialist theatre spaces, laboratories, photography dark rooms and classrooms all set in a ‘campus style’ environment highlight the diverse range of students’ talents in our Sixth Form.

If you come along for a visit we are sure you will enjoy the prospect of sharing this with us.





By Ollie, Rebecca and Junae

This video about our Shared Ethos features Ollie, Rebecca and Junae from our Sixth Form Leadership Team.

Thanks to our media students Eleanor and Oli for shooting this clip.

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