Enjoy Learning

By Cathy O'Neill, Deputy Head Teacher

Our aim is to help you become independent, critically minded young adults ready to face the challenges of the world beyond School with intelligence and compassion.

We offer a wide range of A Level subjects which allows you to focus on areas you enjoy and those which will help you in your educational journey beyond QES.

From applying to the Sixth Form through to your interview and the enrolling programme in September, getting you settled on courses to which you are well suited is crucial.

We hope that the subject specific information on the applications page will help with this but as with all advice about courses, individual discussions with experienced staff are very important and will continue throughout your time with us.





Student Quotes

"I think that the subject knowledge of teachers is one of the biggest plus points of doing A-levels at QES."

Fred Bloggs

"You can tell that staff had put a lot of effort and time into making lessons as interesting and varied as possible to keep us all interested in the subject matter."

Mary Jones

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