QES Special News 2015-16

Yeonmi's extraordinary life


On Friday morning we welcome a very special guest speaker, Yeonmi Park, in visit organised by our QES Library team.

Yeonmi will speak to our Year 10 audience and members of our Year 12 Amnesty Group about the extraordinary life she has led to date.

Yeonmi was born in 1993 in North Korea, the country that is ruled as a dictatorship by Kim Jong-un and has been accused of widespread abuses of human rights for millions of its citizens. 

Yeonmi grew up thinking it was normal to see dead bodies on the walk to school; to be so hungry that you ate wild plants; and for neighbours to ‘disappear’ without warning. She believed the ‘Dear Leader’ could read her thoughts – and punish her accordingly.

Aged thirteen, when famine and her father’s imprisonment made life unbearable,Yeonmi and her family made the dangerous decision to escape North Korea, only to be captured by human traffickers. After nearly two years at the mercy of their Chinese captors, Yeonmi and her mother risked death once more in another desperate attempt to escape.

Yeonmi now lives in Seoul, in South Korea, and travels the world campaigning for the human rights of those still trapped in North Korea. She will talk to us about her story, written in her book In Order to Live, about her risks to be free and the endurance of the human spirit.

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