QES Special News 2015-16

Holocaust Talk - Thankyou, Nurith

Our Year 9 students recently heard a remarkable first-hand family history of the Holocaust from a guest speaker called Nurith Entwisle. 

It was a special privilege for our students because this talk was the very first time that Nurith had told the story of her German-Jewish family in public - and in fact the first time that she had done any public speaking.

Students learnt how Nurith's aunt and uncle were killed by the Nazis as children before the war, how her grandfather died in Auschwitz, and how her uncle managed to survive this infamous death camp only to take his own life some years later.

Nurith’s mother had gone into hiding as a sixteen-year-old after hitting an SS soldier who had been a friend of hers when they were children. She managed to escape to Palestine where Nurith was born.

The second part of the talk informed students about how Nurith came to the UK after the war and how she was eventually reunited with lost members of her family in Israel.

Organised by our History Department, Nurith's talk was followed by an extended Q&A session and here are some of the comments afterwards from our students:

  • "It helped me to understand how awful it really was...I'm really grateful and appreciative of Nurith coming in and sharing her story for the first time."

  • "I learned a lot, especially about families getting split up, and it made the Holocaust sound more realistic."

  • "I found it very interesting and sad but it had a happy ending."

  • "I think that it was really interesting to hear a personal story of the Holocaust from someone whose family had experience it. It made it a lot more real than it seemed from reading and looking at pictures."

  • "Thank you for coming in and sharing your story. What I found really interesting was at the end when you told us about the reunion of your family and relatives."

  • "I really enjoyed the speech as I found it insightful and it was very powerful since it came from Nurith whose family live through the Holocaust. Thank you very much for coming in to speak to us, Nurith."

  • "The part of the story that said what Leo went through was very said and it also made it more real. Thank you for coming in."

  • "When Nurith got emotional at the end it made me realise how it has affected people and still affects them today."

  • "When I heard you were coming in my hopes were pretty low. I thought it would be quite boring but I was very wrong. Your family's story was fascinating and it kept me engaged to the very end. "

  • "I really enjoyed Nurith's talk as it was really informative as well as entertaining."

  • "Everyone I know enjoyed your speech and we're all glad you came."

  • "It was different from the stories that are sometimes difficult to connect to in lessons. You hear them but they are not in the flesh."

  • "It was like a discussion as well which really helped me understand how the Holocaust has affected her and her whole family."

  • "It was good to not just hear it from a teacher but from an actual survivor's family. Hearing it from the family's perspective made me realise how much more cruel the Holocaust actually was. Nurith was very brave to tell it to us!"

  • "Personally I thought that the talk was extremely educational as it was a first had account that hadn't been filtered through BBC Bitesize or any other website. It was obviously very personal which was more effective because rather than just looking at all six million Jews we looked at one family. An ordinary family that showed not just the short-term effects but also the long-term. Although we will never be able to fully comprehend the horrors of the Holocaust, this definitely helped us to understand a bit more. Thank you, Nurith!"



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