Languages & Economics - Luke's Story

By Luke Procter

I had originally thought of going to University to study the two languages which I’m currently doing at A Level, German and Spanish. This led me to open days at Oxford and Cambridge, after which, I decided that Cambridge offered the best course for me, as it was much more varied and offered linguistics as well. My only doubt here, was that I would miss out on Economics, another subject that I really enjoyed.

I continued researching other university websites, and came across a course that seemed perfect! At Durham, the Combined Honours in Social Sciences would allow me to study both Spanish and German, along with Economics.

Being very indecisive however, I didn’t want to rule out Cambridge and so applied to both of these courses.

Before my Cambridge interview, I first got an offer from Durham, which I feel took an awful lot of the pressure off, with the knowledge that I had already secured what would probably be my first choice anyway. I felt that my Cambridge interviews at Pembroke College went well, but I wasn’t really expecting an offer.

However, I was delighted (and surprised) to receive an offer from Girton College in January. I had been placed in the winter pool, but I did not have to attend another interview.

At the moment I’m keeping my options open. Although I am still swaying towards the combined course at Durham, I probably won’t make a final decision until the last minute!



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