Liberal Arts - Flo's Story

By Flo Jones

After having carried 5 subjects on to AS level, I knew that I wanted a degree which enabled me to study a number of different subjects whilst making links across them.

When flicking through university prospectuses I came across a course called ‘Liberal Arts’, based on the American University System the course allows you to combine core modules with modules of your choice from across the Arts and Humanities.

I knew right then that this was the perfect course for me.

After a painstaking decision process I decided to drop the idea of applying for Languages at Oxford and focus my commitment on Liberal Arts instead.

For the first time I was making a decision entirely for myself, not based on what others would think of me.

After sending off my UCAS application I was delighted to receive offers within a week, despite the fact that they wanted A*AA from me.

This was when Birmingham University asked me to complete an admissions essay in order to determine what offer they would make me.

After a lot of hard work and help from teachers (never be too shy to ask!) I was delighted to find out that I had been accepted onto their unconditional offer scheme. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the rest of year 13 and I’ll be heading off there next year, I couldn’t be more excited!


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