QES Special News 2015-16

Science Video for CERN!

A team of our Sixth Form Science brainiacs has made a brilliant video in a bid to work at CERN, the world famous particle physics lab!

The team of six students doing A-level Physics made the video as their application for CERN's Beamline competition, where you have to pitch an idea for an experiment to conduct in their particle physics labs.

The video explains their plan for an experiment based around photons - but it's done in suitably brainiac style, complete with lots of props and even pyrotechnics!

Congratulations to presenter Toby Pauley along with team mates James Maxwell, Sam Ingle, Ritchie Budd, Holly Wild and Lucas Wild plus Mrs Dale and their other teachers in the Physics Department.

Keep your fingers crossed that the video wins them a trip to CERN!





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Last modified: Thursday, 28 April 2016, 10:29 PM