Sale of special Christmas cards for Tsekwe House

Xmas cards for Tsekwe House

Please help raise funds for Tsekwe House in Malawi by buying Christmas cards designed by our students.

We have forged a very special relationship with Tsekwe House, the foster home in Malawi that our students and staff visit regularly.

So all funds from the sale of our special Xmas cards will go directly to this fantastic cause and help the children of Tsekwe House.

We have these three very festive card designs created by Sixth Form students.

A pack of six cards contains two of each of these students designs. Cards can be purchased using Wisepay, with a minimum order price of £10.00.

Alternatively cards can be purchased with cash each lunchtime from the desk on the main school corridor.

  • 1 x a pack of six cards costs £2.00
  • 3 x a pack of six cards costs £5.00

Buying these cards would be a great way to help support the children of Tsekwe - Sam, Chickondi, Ephraim, Elton, Eric and Agnes.




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