Become Leaders

By Luke Procter– Head Boy

QES has been invaluable for me in how it provides more that simply an excellent education; Sixth Form has allowed me to pursue my interests in clubs and societies and develop an independent  view of the world, alongside academic achievements.

Something that stands out as special at QES is the relationships between staff and students. This trust which teachers have of the students allows a level of responsibility that Sixth Formers are encouraged to take on board. This gives students the best experiences, from playing an active role in the running of clubs and mentoring, to helping out in the running day-to-day aspects of school life as part of the Student Leadership Team. As role models, Sixth Form students assist teachers in making QES an effective place to learn and develop.

Becoming Head Boy has allowed me to make the most of opportunities such as giving assemblies and speeches, attending Governors' meetings, and giving tours of the school - all of which allow me to give back tot he school community.

Through its ethos, teaching, and opportunities, I believe the QES Sixth Form encourages the development of kind, hard-working and capable students.

By Florence Jones – Head Girl

Sixth Form is a time like no other, I have loved everything that the past two years has offered me. Putting on the black fleece on the first day of year 12 is like stepping out into a completely new chapter. Academically I became much more independent, looking into topics that particularly interested me instead of just sticking to a prescribed curriculum. I could manage my time how I wanted, including countless extra-curricular groups which I chose to take part in alongside my studies. I got to know my teachers really well, and class sizes are significantly smaller, making lessons a time of enjoyment and discussion.

Amongst all of the amazing opportunities available to you in the Sixth Form, at times A levels themselves become like a second thought! Since the beginning of Year 12 I've taken place in countless concerts and recitals with the music department, spent 4 days in the rainy Lake District on Gold Dof E, and even spent the most amazing week singing in some of the most prestigious cathedrals in Belgium on the Sixth Form choir tour. All of this mixed in with writing for the Sixth Form magazine and giving speeches and tours as part of the leadership team, made me realize that A levels are not the only thing that QES Sixth Form is about - it's so much more. Make the most of it!




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