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Under earlier Ofsted regimes, schools were pretty much obliged to generate a SEF (Self Evaluation Form), a compendious evidence base justifying their claims for inclusion in a particular Ofsted category. On the one hand it was an onerous exercise and at QES we spent ages collating masses of examples to illustrate the quality of our work and to illuminate the vibrancy of our community. On the other hand, we really enjoyed the celebratory aspect of the exercise and we felt that we ended up with a narrative that stood as a public declaration of what we are about and what we believe in.

These days, the quality and standards at QES make it virtually exempt from regular formal inspections and we welcome the freedom this affords us to spend valuable time ‘being more ourselves’, setting our own priorities and objectives, working indefatigably to make the School better still. However, strangely, we found we missed the opportunity to declare ourselves, to make public our current story. So, we came up with our own SEF and though it uses the sections of the old, we’ve tried to write it in our own style.

Finally, rather than file it away, we thought we’d put it out there on our website. After all, in our SEF we make many claims about our quality and standards which actually count for nothing if they’re not corroborated by parents and pupils. We hope you recognise your QES in what follows. And if you don’t, we hope you’ll let us know.

Last modified: Sunday, 8 June 2014, 11:46 PM