Showing gallery: Year 7 Drama Festival

Year 7 Drama Festival

Congratulations to everyone involved in the English Department's Drama Festival for Year 7 during Trips Week in July.

Each year 7 form has three weeks to put on a play written by their class teacher and based loosley on a theme. This play is then performed in front of the whole year group in our Harlequin Theatre. This year, English teachers picked some of their favourite texts to turn into plays.

The plays were: Pride and Prejudice by 7Q with a modern retelling!; The Silver Sword by 7E; The Magic Porridge Pot by 7S; Jane Eyre by 7K; A Midsummer Night’s Dream by 7L; Animal Farm by 7W; and Nursery Crhymes (pun intended) by 7M.

Thanks to Ms Weber  for these photos.