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Social Media Safeguarding Concern - 'Yellow' App

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Social Media Safeguarding Concern - 'Yellow' App
by School Office - Wednesday, 8 February 2017, 2:37 PM

We wanted to bring parents’ attention to this app.  It is one that we are very concerned about.

Yellow is a location-based social networking app that facilitates communication between users of Snapchat. Yellow doesn’t market itself as a dating app but it is similar in its design to Tinder, seemingly for a younger audience.

Users can become ‘friends’ with others by swiping right on their profile. Swiping right also allows users to become Snapchat friends.

In essence it is an app where you can make friends with people worldwide but more worryingly within your locality and is used as a key grooming tool by perpetrators. It doesn’t have checks in place to verify the age of users; in fact there have been children in Cumbria and Lancashire groomed by it. We believe there are also indecent images on the site.  Some QES children are using the app and whilst your son and daughter may not have it their friends may.

We have talked to the children about this app as we do not believe that it is the safest app to use.  If your son/daughter does choose to use it then we would advise that they are wary of making friends with strangers, keep a check on their privacy settings and if they have any concerns or worries, get help and advice from an adult.

The app can be accessed through Google Play or the Appstore.