Topic outline

  • Sixth Form Application

  • Key Dates & Information

  • Sixth Form Bursary

    The Sixth Form Bursary is a nationally funded scheme, aimed at helping young people facing financial hardship to stay in full time education.  For eligible students the Fund can help towards the cost of essential course related costs such as travel to school, equipment, books, essential trips and attending university interviews. Please contact Mrs Woodburn for further information.


  • Transport

    Students attending Sixth Form will need to apply and in most cases pay for a bus pass, this includes those students that have previously received a free pass. See attachment for a guide of who to contact to apply for a pass.

  • A Level Choices


    At present it is very likely that you are studying close to 10 subjects. The challenge you face is how to make well-informed choices to narrow those down to the ones you’ll study in Year 12. The key word here is research, but to help you make this important decision here are some top tips: 

    Good reasons for choosing options:

    •  you enjoy the subject

    • you have researched  the entry requirements for future study/career aspirations

    • you are capable of achieving in the subject (or a related subject) at GCSE

    • your selection of options allows for breadth

    • your selection of options draw on your strengths in terms of assessment

    • you have read the course details and spoken to relevant staff and it appeals to you

    • you will gain the ‘preferred ‘ GCSE grades cited in the Entry Guidelines on our website

     Poor reasons for choosing options: 

    • your friends are doing it

    • you think it is easy

    • you think it is harder

    • you have out of date/incorrect advice for entrance requirements at university (in other words, you have not checked this yourself)

    • other people think you should take it 

    Of course, at this stage you apply indicating your reasons for your subject choices, but this will lead to an interview in which your motivations and suitability will be discussed.  One to one support and guidance about your option choices is available, so please don’t feel as though this challenge is one you need to face alone.   

    • Option Blocks


      Option Blocks will be confirmed after interviews and are subject to demand and staffing. If your options will not fit at this stage, or if a subject will not run, you may need to reconsider your curriculum. If you change your mind from these options it is vital that you contact Mr Rushton.