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    The Scholastic Book Fair gives our pupils the chance to see, touch and fall in love with the very best in Young Adult fiction.  Over two hundred top YA titles are carefully chosen from over fifty publishers to reflect all tastes and abilities.  With books starting from only £2.99 plus exclusive titles that you won't see in the shops, there's bound to be a book for everyone!

    When: Thursday 26th Feb- Thursday 5th March (World Book Day).

    Where: The Main Library every break and lunchtime.

    • This is literary warfare, guerrilla style!  Sixth Form volunteers will use guerrilla tactics such as surprise attacks and ambushes of a literary nature, to provide a short, sharp shock to unsuspecting pupils on World Book Day.  

      Unbeknownst to students, teachers have volunteered certain classes for our guerrillas to 'raid'.  Guerrilla teams, and individuals, will burst into a classroom and 'attack' them with a reading from a novel, play or poem.

      Will your class be raided?!!!

      Holly Watson and Josh King rock Dr Seuss!  Guerrilla Reads 2014.

      Holly Watson and Josh King rock Dr Seuss- Guerrilla Reads 2014!