Topic outline

  • General

    Early Help Offer

    Many pupils need some sort of additional pastoral support at times.  This section of the website tells you how this works, what type of help is available and who to contact for more information and advice.

    • Early Help Offer¬†Policy

      QES bases its work with young people on the twin principles of scholarship and care.

      This policy document sets out how we carry this out on a day to day basis.

    • Terminology

      This document gives useful explanations of the terms used in the Early Help Offer Policy.

    • Staffing Structure

      This document gives details of staff roles within school in relation to the Early Help process.

    • Intervention & Support

      This document goes into more detail about the different types of intervention and support that QES offers students.

    • Referrals to other Agencies

      At times QES will need to make referrals to outside agencies for assistance. This document gives details of the agencies that we work with.