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  • General

    We would like to welcome you to QES Libraries

    We offer a wide range of resources to support both reading for pleasure, and research across the school curriculum.

    Opening Times:

    Before school from 8.15-8.40  *  Break  *  Lunchtime  *  After school from 3.20-4.00

    The collection can be browsed on the Library catalogue, Eclipse (click link below).

    Borrowing items from the Library

    Students can borrow books for two weeks (or four weeks if in the Sixth Form) and then renew them if needed for longer (so long as they have not been reserved by another student). DVDs are available to loan for one week at a time.

    Overdue books

    The process we use to remind students to return Library books has been updated. In addition to the student receiving an email, parents will also now receive an email notification to alert them that their son or daughter's Library item is at least two weeks overdue (four weeks for students in the Sixth Form). If the item is unreturned after at least six weeks students and parents will receive a second email reminder. If the item remains outstanding, the student's Head of Year will be informed and the student may then be required to attend a school detention.

    Please contact the librarians, Mrs Holman and Miss Sosnowsky, if you have any queries regarding items loaned from the Library.


  • Online Research Resources

    In addition to Eclipse, students and staff can search our collection of online resources, including Credo, Issues, Philip Allan, Media Magazine and Philosophy Now.

    Click the link below to access these subscription services. But please note that the page is only accessible to students & staff.

    Click here for our online sources page

    • Clubs and Reading Groups

      Join us in the Main Library for a variety of clubs and activities:

      • Monday Lunch: Year 7 Reading Club 
      • Wednesday Lunch: Illustration Club aka Emma Vieceli 'Comics Studio'
      • Thursday Lunch: Spellbinding/ Year 8 & 9 Reading Club
      • Friday Break: Comics Club/Stan Lee Excelsior Award

      Comics Club & The Stan Lee Excelsior Award

    • Topic 4

      Library Events

      We are looking forward to welcoming human rights campaigner and author Yeonmi Park to our school on Friday 1st July.

      Yeonmi Park wrote the book In Order to Live about her experience of growing up and escaping from North Korea. At the age of thirteen her family made the dangerous decision to leave. Yeonmi writes:

      I wasn't dreaming of freedom when I escaped from North Korea. I didn't even know what it meant to be free. All I knew was that if my family stayed behind, we would probably die - from starvation, from disease, from the inhuman conditions of a prison labour camp. The hunger had become unbearable; I was willing to risk my life for the promise of a bowl of rice. But there was more to our journey than our own survival. My mother and I were searching for my older sister, Eunmi, who had left for China a few days earlier and had not been heard from since.

      Along my journey I have seen the horrors that humans can inflict on one another, but I've also witnessed acts of tenderness and kindness and sacrifice in the worst imaginable circumstances. I know that it is possible to lose part of your humanity in order to survive. But I also know that the spark of human dignity is never completely extinguished, and given the oxygen of freedom and the power of love, it can grow again. This is my story of the choices I made in order to live.

      Year 10 and the School's Amnesty Group will have the opportunity to hear Yeonmi Park share her experiences on 1st July.