Topic outline

  • Year 9 Guidance

    This year you are presented with some tough decisions to make, most specifically which subjects to pursue to GCSE.  This topic is designed to help you to make an informed decision that is right for you.

    • Fieldwork opportunities at GCSE

      In Year 11 you will be presented with the opportunity to attend a two day residential fieldtrip staying at Borrowdale YHA.  The fieldtrip is designed to revise and develop student understanding of the Physical topics studied in Yr 10.  Activities include:

      • Exploring the Borrowdale Volcanic Group series and contrasting this with the Skiddaw slates further North
      • Debating the origin and formation of the Bowder stone.
      • Adventuring along the moraines of Rosthwaite
      • Enjoying the spectacular glacial scenery of Haweswater and Blea Water- Corrie tarn.
      • Beginning to investigate the use of reservoirs as a tool for water management.


    • What will I learn?

      Click here to access the entire specification however below is a summary....

      Year of delivery Topic Method of assessment
      10 Water on the land Unit 1 Physical Geography examination sat at the end of Yr 11
      10 Rocks, resources and scenery
      10 Ice on the land
      10 Controlled assessment Coursework marked and moderated internally to be submitted for external assessment end of Year 11
      11 Tourism  Unit 2 Human geography examination sat at the end of Year 11
      11 Changing rural environments
      11 Changing urban environments
      • What do the GCSE students say?

        We asked some Year 11 students to reflect on their time studying Geography and give us some feedback with you in mind.

        'Interesting & useful.  It also makes you notice things around the World and appreciate things more'    Eleanor

        Geography is a brilliantly open course that has lots of practical use as well as interesting new information about a rapidly changing World'   Toby

        'I've found Geography a very challenging but interesting subject.  Tourism was my favourite topic and finding out about Jamaica and Antarctica was fun.  by the end you have increased your knowledge of the World'   Thomas

        'Quite different to year 9, but very interesting & detailed.  If you want to know more about how the World works, it is a good choice for you'.  Thalie

        'I have found Geography very has widened my perspective of the local and global area and natural environments'      Albert

        Learn a lot about Cumbria and the Wider World as well and you learn to see the World from a different perspective'   Hannah

        'Learning Geography has given me a greater understanding about the outdoors and the landscapes surrounding us'  

        'I took Geography just to fill my options but now it is one of my favourite subjects'

        'I have really enjoyed Geography over the past few years and I'm sure the knowledge I've gained will be more than useful in the years to come'

        'Some parts of Geography can be difficult but the knowledge you gain from it is very useful'

        'I find Geography really interesting, the classes are small so you get help easily and I think I am going to follow a career in geography as I have found the subject intriguing'

        'I took Geography because I enjoyed it in lower school.  I find some parts hard but it is interesting.'

        'Did you know that traditional rural employment is in decline?  Do Geography and you can learn this stuff too!'

        • Careers

          Selecting the right GCSE's for you lays the foundation for your future career options.  Success at GCSE can open doors to AS & A2 study and at QES we are proud that many of our Year 13 students then go on to study Geography related degrees.  For those who intend to enter the workforce at 18yrs studying GCSE Geography helps develop the following skills:

          • Sense of adventure- desire to explore
          • Team working skills- Both in the classroom ad during fieldwork
          • Enquiry skills- there are so many questions that can be formulated to investigate the ever changing character of our natural and human landscape- Geography helps provide the answers.
          • Presentation skills- from annotated diagrams that fully reflect the close links between process and landforms to oral presentations.
          • Data interpretation and manipulation- we readily use Google earth and memory map as well as other GIS applications to develop understanding.
        • Topic 6