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  • About KS3 Geography

    Welcome to QES KS3 Geography pages. We hope you find the information contained here useful and informative.  If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to contact us using the contact below.

    • KS3 Geography teaching team


      Mr Andrew Douglas; having started his career in the NE Mr Douglas returned to QES where he was once a student to take up a full-time post in the department. Today alongside his teaching commitments he is Head of year 10/11. He has a wealth of teaching experience both inside the classroom and beyond and he helps lead trips to Malawi and the accompanying fundraising for Sekwe House- the orphanage the school supports.
      Miss Victoria Govan; Originally from the North of the County Miss Govan joined us as an NQT and today has the position of Deputy Head of Year 8/9.   Her background is in Geology and Geography and her travels enrich many a Geography lesson.
      Miss Pakeman is a full time member of staff with responsibilities as Second in the PE department.  We are fortunate to be able to utilise her many skills as she takes a number of KS3 classes.  Her entertaining approach to education invokes great enthusiasm amongst her students.
      Myself- Michelle Peck- As Head of the Geography department I feel it is a privilege to be able to shape and drive the KS3 curriculum.  We pay attention to delivering a programme that is relevant, valuable, enjoyable and challenging.  I originally took up post as Second in Department at QES after starting my career in Guernsey and in 2005 became Head of Department.



      • Making progress in KS3

        Levels can be very confusing for both students and parents and so to make it easier to identify and work towards being a good Geographer we have developed the Geography star.   The star identifies the range of skills and understanding that are required to excel in the subject.  Throughout key stage 3 students can identify their strengths, together with areas for development which will hopefully ensure that good rates of progress are made through the key stage.   

        The PDF document below provides the detailed descriptors of how to make progress in each of the areas illustrated and you can also identify which elements are the most challenging by observing what level can be achieved.  For instance students can achieve up to a level 5 in the 'Ability to describe' whereas Level 8 is accessible in the 'Understanding and application of sustainable ideas'

      • Fieldwork and practical skills in KS3 Geography

        By observing Geography in the field students can fully develop their understanding and make links between the classroom and the Wider World.  Consequently we are committed to offering a range of fieldwork and practical learning opportunities.

      • What will I be learning?

        The KS3 curriculum is constantly evolving, just as the World around us is.  Key Geographical events shape our understanding of the delicate balance that needs to be achieved so man can utilise its nature in a sustainable manner.  Only by recognising threats to the quality of our landscape can we educate young minds to make appropriate decisions to ensure its preservation.  

        The KS3 curriculum investigates a number of themes and concepts aimed at developing student understanding of key Geographical processes.  Elements of Human and Physical Geography are addressed at varying scales and where possible the department makes use of recent events, available technologies and the skills of individuals in our community to enhance teaching and learning.

        The pdf document below provides an overview of our current KS3 curriculum.

      • Contact us

        Below is my direct email address- please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or queries.  Our 'New Moodle' pages are only just evolving so I would appreciate any feedback that you may have.